The Indiana Baptist Nursing Fellowship is a Christian organization of medical professionals that promotes continuing professional education and growth for members. Through BNF®, there are opportunities for serving, continuing education, prayer and much more.

Indiana BNF is sponsored by Indiana's Woman’s Missionary Union and both state and national organizations enjoy cooperative relationships with Baptist Medical and Dental Fellowships, as well the International and North American Mission Boards.

Our purpose is simple…

- To provide medical professionals and medical students opportunities for worship, witness, and ministry
- To offer learning experiences through Bible study, theological training, ethical and professional education
- To provide opportunities for expanded Christian service and witness through North American and International Missions and disaster relief projects

Are you looking for ways to use your medical skills to minister to others in need?

In 1985 Baptist Nursing Fellowship was created to provide medical professionals and medical students with opportunities to use their skills for God’s glory. Each year BNF groups around the nation participate in service projects in their communities and mission trips all over the world.

How to become a member?

Membership in Indiana BNF is open to all health-care professionals: nurses, doctors, physical therapists, dieticians, pharmacists or anyone else who has a certification or license in health care. It is also not only for Baptists. Other health-care professionals who profess Christ as their Savior who long for a support group in providing Biblical care to their patients are invited to join. There is no cost for professionals, students and missionary medical professionals.




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