Reaching Indiana!


2017 State Missions Offering Goal:


◊   25% Church Planting

◊   25% Church Revitalization  

◊   50% Associational Initiatives

     in Evangelism, Leadership Development, Church Revitalization and Church Planting

Why give to the Indiana State Missions Offering?

The need: There are still many people in Indiana who have not been told that God’s Kingdom has come! Here are a few statistics:
•    Only one in eight Indiana households attends an evangelical church once a week.
•    Two thirds of Indiana households do not have even one evangelical believer.
•    There are more than 4.3 million unreached people in Indiana.
State Missions Offering funds are used to:
•    Revitalize churches: congregations of believers may be stuck in a season of hardship and need a helping hand to regain strength for their mission.
•    Develop leaders: churches need leaders who are maturing in their faith and equipped to train more leaders.
•    Evangelize: we are commissioned to make disciples. Training and strategies are provided to help.
•    Plant churches: establishing Bible-believing congregations in un-churched or under-churched communities.

Every penny donated goes directly towards funding ministry opportunities across the state. Joining resources through the State Missions Offering and Prayer is one way we work together.

… keep in mind the words the Lord Jesus, for He said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ Acts 20:35

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