Leadership Development Process

P – personal development phase
I – interpersonal development phase
T – team development phase
O – organizational development phase

Click here for a brief overview of the PITO process.

The SCBI Mobilization & Equipping team has numerous tools in its tool belt to help you raise the bar as you develop leaders in your ministry. We can help you in the areas listed in the PITO model mentioned above.  Training tools like Building Powerful Ministry Teams, The Secret of Teams, 7 Dysfunctions of Team, Leadership Greatness, How to have Effective Meetings, Leadership 3 in 1, DISC Profile, How to turn Strife into Synergy and How Coaching can improve your leadership.

We have a menu of training possibilities for you to consider.

Take advantage of the Leader Lab Process!

Step One:

Associational Leader Labs - many of our associations are seeing the benefit of meeting on a monthly basis to discuss what's working and how we can work together to make our ministries more effective.

Step Two:

SCBI annual Leader Labs - these training workshops are provided two times per year and will deal with leaderhip issues that can improve your leadership skills.

Step Three:

HILL Retreat (High Impact Leader Lab) - this annual retreat is for senior pastors. It is designed to guide them through a learning and interactive experience where each participant will develop their own Personal Leadership Development Plan. This plan is monitored through 12 months of follow-up coaching.

Contact your SCBI Church Health office to learn more about each of these levels of growth: email Steve McNeil or call 317-481-2400 ext 229 or 228.