The following are ways that the SCBI team can help your church with Team Training.

Building Powerful Ministry Teams is a philosophy about how to make your church ministry more effective. BPMT is based on the principles found in the book The Performance Factor by Pat MacMillan. The book presents the 6 components of the "Team Wheel."  Effective teams will engage these 6 principles to build there team. Our SCBI leadership team will work with your church to develop your plan about how to use teams in your ministry. There are several options of how we can train your leaders to work as a team.

Option 1 - Consult with the pastor

Option 2 - Consult with the church leadership team.

Option 3 - Present a 1 hour overview of the team process.

Option 4 - Present a 3 hour workshop which goes into more detail than the overview.

Option 5 - Present the full 6 hour workshop which teaches the entire experience of BPMT.

Option 6 - Facilitate a 1 hour practical experience where particpants walk thruogh the 6 components of the team wheel, one component at a time.  Participants will work through each step over a 6 week process.

The Secret of Teams is an approach to developing ministry teams through the practicle teaching of Mark Miller.  He is the lead trainer for the Chick-fil-a corporation.  This workshop covers similar principles found in BPMT but adds relevant components to the teaching experience.

The 7 Dysfunctions of a Team is training for your leaders who are currently utilizing a team approach.  This training is based on the book by Patrick Lancione.


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