Purpose Statement: The Church / Leader Development Team of the State Convention of Baptists in Indiana exists to Connect, Consult and Coach Churches in accomplishing the Acts 1:8 challenge.

CONNECTING – We want to help your church connect with other churches to bring training to a cluster, association or region of our churches. CONSULTING – Training for your individual church, a group of churches, your association or region. The SCBI Church Church / Leader Development Team will also provide training events throughout the year in numerous areas of church health

  • Sunday School and Small Group Training - Sunday School Kick off Training [usually in August, see calendar]
  • JAM & SuperJam Camps – training for youth and children in multi-faceted areas of worshipp
  • Exalt Him Retreat – training for student worship
  • Pure Girl – training for young girls in how to follow Christ
  • Leadership Greatness training seminar
  • Discipleship seminars
  • Deacon training
  • Conflict Resolution seminar
  • Church Health Assessments

COACHING – Contact your regional strategist or our state office to see about how you can benefit from a coaching relationship with one of our team.

  • How to use curriculum (preschool, children, youth, adult, general officer)
  • Keys to a successful Sunday School
  • Teaching Methods
  • Learning Styles
  • How inviting are your facilities?
  • Space study
  • Are you organized for growth or maintenance?
  • Has anyone been saved here lately? How can your Sunday School be the reason for people being saved