Your Indiana State Convention Church / Leader Development Team can do several types of church health assessments. Most people make a committment to their personal health.  They go to the doctor to get an annual check up to determine the status of their health.

Churches are the body of Christ and they too need an annual check up.  The church body can become sick, diseased and un-healthy.  How can a church determine its health.  We have "check up" tools.  These are tools to help your church know where you are, so that you can begin to create a strategy to help you get to a healthy place in the life of the body of Christ.

Jesus said “I will build my church,” that means your church! Is your church healthy?

Does it need a check up? 

For more information about these tools, see the link below to determine which assessment is right for your church.  We are here to serve you if you have questions or if you are interested in ordering one of these assessment tools. Contact Steve McNeil (click to email) or call 317-481-2400 x 229.  Or conact your Regional Church Planting Catalyst.

Transformational Church (TC) Cost is $150.00 for the tool and processing.

NCD (Natural Church Development Assessment) Cost is $150.00 for the tool and processing. Church Central Cost is $150.00 for the tool and processing. Each of these comes with free consultation from your SCBI Church / Leader Development Team for all Indiana Southern Baptist churches.