"Reach down your hand from on high, deliver me, and rescue me." Psalm 144:7

June 26- June 30, 2017


Highland Lakes Baptist Camp


$215 if paid in full by May 26
$250 if paid in full by June 12
*Registration requires a $50 non-refunable deposit

Registration Deadline

Participants must register online by Monday, June 12 or a $20 late fee will be applied
*Registration is not complete until the final balance has been paid


Children who will have completed grades 3-6


Children who have completed grades 3-6 will consider the marvelous plan God has put in place to rescue us.  Missionaries will share their experiences and challenge campers to envision being part of God's rescue operation to bring salvation to others. 

Speaker: Rob TUma

Worship Led By: Rally 316


Missions Offering: TBD


1:00     Registration
3:30     Opening Meeting
4:00     Opening
5:00     Dinner
6:00     Pool Party/Lake
8:15     Worship
10:15   Cabin Devotions
10:30   Bedtime/Lights Out
7:00     Wake up/ Clean Cabin
7:30     Breakfast
8:30     Morning Celebration
9:25     Track A
10:25   Bible Study A/ Missions B
11:30   Clean up for Lunch
12:00   Lunch
12:30   Bible Study B/ Missions A
1:30     Track B
2:30     Free Time
5:00     Dinner
6:00     Competition and Theme Party
8:00     Worship
9:30     Cabin Prayer Time/ Quiet Time
10:30   Bedtime/ Lights out
7:00     Wake up
7:30     Breakfast
8:30     Closing Worship
9:30     Pack and Clean Cabin
10:30   Leave for Home

Track Descriptions

What To Bring To Camp