October 12-13, 2015


The Palms Conference Center, Plainfield*   MAP
     *voted on by the Executive Board


At the annual meetings of the State Convention of Baptists in Indiana, reports will be shared by the Executive Board and staff of SCBI, as well as by the Southern Baptist entities with whom we partner. Come exalt Christ with fellow Indiana Baptists and give glory to Him for all He is doing in our state and beyond.


[may be updated for 2015]

Registration opens Monday at 9:00 a.m.
First session: Monday 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Second session: Tuesday 8:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.


To be provided

Messenger registration

To be completed by churches for elected messengers to the State Convention of Baptists in Indiana annual meeting. Online registration will be available until noon on Thursday, October 8. Messengers registered online do not need messenger cards. Churches that do not register messengers online, please print and complete this card for messengers to bring and register on site.


Childcare will be offered for children 5 years old and younger of messengers or visitors attending the State Convention Annual Meeting and the Pastors' Conference. Please complete this online form by October 16 so that provisions can be made to care for the children.

2014 Schedule [2015 schedule will be updated when available]

Monday Evening, October 20
6:00      Call to Order; Motion to organize; appointment of committees
6:05      Welcome and Prayer

6:10      Introduction of New Pastors and Wives
6:12      Worship in Song
6:17      NAMB Report
6:37      Church Planting Report
6:57      Worship in Song
7:07      Presidential Message - Randall Forsythe
7:42      Concert of Prayer
7:52      Committee Reports: Nominations, Arrangements, Christian Life
8:02      First Election of Officers: President, First Vice President
8:12      Miscellaneous Business
8:22      Message - Dr. Chuck Kelley
8:57      Prayer and Adjourn

Tuesday Morning, October 21
8:30      Call to Order
8:32      SBC National Agency Reports: ERLC, Executive Committee, Seminary, LifeWay, GuideStone
8:52      International Missions Board Report
9:02      State Revitalization Emphasis
9:07      Worship in Song
9:12      Second Election of Officers: Second Vice President, Recording Secretary
9:17      Evangelism and Prayer Report
9:39      Mobilization, Equipping and Communications Team Report
10:09    Concert of Prayer
10:19    Worship in Song
10:24    Annual Sermon - Reginald Fletcher
10:59    Resolutions Committee Report
11:04    Miscellaneous Business
11:14    SCBI Executive Board Report
11:34    Indiana Baptist Foundation Report
11:44    Highland Lakes Baptist Camp Report
11:59    Indiana WMU Report
12:09    Worship in Song
12:14    Executive Director's Message - Cecil Seagle
12:49    Installation of New Officers; Special Recognitions
12:54    Prayer and Adjourn

Recommendations to be presented to the Convention