Compensation Study Report (2012)

A bi-annual Church Compensation Survey for SBC churches is sponsored by SCBI, GuideStone Financial Resources and LifeWay Christian Resources. Church finance and personnel committees use the results to establish competitive compensation packages for ministers and support staff. Ministers, secretaries, and maintenance/custodial staff are invited to participate.

Compensation Survey for 2014

The 2014 SBC church compensation survey will be conducted online January 1 through May 31, 2014, and your help is needed! This survey is a joint effort of all Baptist state conventions, LifeWay Christian Resources and GuideStone Financial Resources.  It has been conducted every two years since 1996 to assist Southern Baptist churches, ministers, pastor-search teams and personnel committees to establish competitive compensation and employer-provided benefits for church employees.  

Between 09/04/12 and 10/24/13, results from the 2012 SBC church compensation survey were accessed almost 55,000 times (128/day average) by almost 48,000 unique visitors (115/day average)!  This is the largest survey of its kind with over 12,000 completed surveys in 2012, and survey results are available, your SBC churches can access customized reports with compensation and employer-provided benefit data for churches of comparable size and financial resources.  This information is provided at NO COST to your churches, but we need your help to promote participation in the survey!  The more participation in your state by churches of various sizes, the better the results will be when your churches want to use the tool to find compensation data from similarly-sized churches in your area.