to complete a church or church plant's ACP Annual Church Profile:

You will need to enter the User Name and Password for your church. If you do not have these, please email Bev Olonoh with your church name and city to request your ACP log on information.

Click this link to the Southern Baptist Directory Service.

  • Enter User Name and Password and click "Log On"
  • Click "Enter ACP Data"
  • Click "Enter 2015 Annual Church Profile Survey" (Note: Updates to church information or church leadership can be made by clicking the appropriate button. This should be done any time during the year when there is a change to report.)
  • Complete survey online. Click "Save Responses" at the bottom when you are finished or if you want to save what has been entered and come back to enter more later.
  • If you prefer to have the survey questions on paper to research data and enter later, click "Print Survey Packet Information (PDF format)"

For questions or help:


Bev Olonoh